We regret to inform you that due to the sanitary situation worldwide, Tennis Future has been postponed until after the summer of 2021.


TENNIS FUTURE 2021 will be the first international virtual summit, which has the goals of providing innovative ideas, solutions to the current challenges and inspiration to the international tennis community, including coaches, players, officials, professionals, clubs, academies, and organizations.


In an unprecedented moment like the current one, TENNIS FUTURE 2021 has been created with the goal of bringing together all the key names and stakeholders of the game.

This is a non-profit event organized to unite the tennis industry worldwide to analyze the current challenges that the game is facing and the future of the game, specially post Covid-19.


  1. Tennis' messy structure has left players vulnerable during the coronavirus crisis. The pandemic has triggered a considerable economic turmoil at all levels: players and coaches' earnings, sponsors, tournaments, ticket sales, TV broadcasts, etc.
  2. The industry is totally fragmented into numerous bodies trying to control different areas of the game. It is time to work together
  3. Underlying fiscal and professional matters have only arisen after the pandemic. Most coaches don't even have contracts, let alone retirement plans, unemployment, and social benefits. 
  4. Tennis is failing to attract a new and younger audience. At the same time, it is losing some of the older fans. The average age of tennis spectators is way too high, over 55.
  5. Each year there are less people registering in the different federations and obtaining the corresponding licenses. Clubs around the world are seeing a decrease in the number of players and tennis enthusiasts applying for membership. Club life is dying year after year. How can we reverse this situation?
  6. The structure and format of tennis tournaments will have to change in order to adapt to the effects of Covid-19.
  7. Most efforts are directed to coaching, to develop academies, and to produce competitive players but not to attract simple tennis fans. 
  8. Professional intrusism and a lack of official certifications and licenses for professional coaches have resulted in numerous "coaches" entering the WTA and ATP with very little or no preparation.
  9. Very poor knowledge and professionalism in matters such as marketing, PR, the business side of the game, etc.
  10. Tennis has neglected acting to tackle the climate crisis and to protect the environment.