Chrand Marketing & Events is an events management agency founded more than 30 years ago by former tennis professional and Olympic captain Pancho Campo. Since then they had organized large sporting events, concerts and summits with the likes of Andre Agassi, Pat Cash, Stefan Edberg, Eric Cantona, Sting, Pink Floyd, Enrique Iglesias, President Barack Obama, Vice-president Al Gore and many other world leaders and celebrities. 

Chrand has been a pioneer in the organization of virtual events, especially after producing Marbella Futuro 2020, a virtual summit that featured more than 60 speakers including sports celebrities, Nobel laureates, dignitaries, world leaders and celebrities. They have also consulted for the Nick Bollettieri Tennis Academy in Spain, Italy and Dubai, for several governments and multinationals from over 20 countries.


Gabe Jaramillo developed eleven of the world's No.1-ranked players and 27 top 10 players, including Andre Agassi, Jim Courier, Pete Sampras, Maria Sharapova, Monica Seles, Kei Nishikori, and many others.

Gabe Jaramillo is the founder of Club Med Academies, a multi-sport academy, and Principal of CMA Academics located in Florida, USA.

Jaramillo, the founder of the Tennis On Demand app and Youtube channel, reaches over 8 million viewers through these platforms. He is also a philanthropist, entrepreneur, speaker, writer, and commentator.


Gonzalo López is a former professional player ranked 169 in the ATP in 1994. He has 21 years of experience of coaching, with 11 seasons in the ATP Tour working with top 100 players. He is also an entrepreneur having founded three successful academies and currently operating He also manages a tennis consulting agency,, which helps organizations, coaches and players to improve in their respective areas of expertise.

He is a speaker at tennis conferences for organizations such as the GPTCA. He is also a member of the Teaching Committee at the Spanish Tennis Federation. During Covid19 lockdown, he pioneered the Instagram Live movement, interviewing top tennis players, former players and coaches.

He also has experience organizing tennis events, such as tennis conferences and tournaments, including the commercial infrastructure for Rado with Andy Murray and helping FedEx in Shanghai Master 1000.


Fernando has more than 40 years of profesional career. He is a tennis development specialist recognized worldwide for his achievements and conceptual thinking ways. Founder of the Segal Institute for the training leader son Tennis Development and management transfromations.

He is author of 11 books on different tennis topics. He has lectured on his concepts, experiences and theories in ITF conferences, Tennis National Congresses and courses in more than 40 countries. Being several times a member of Committees in the ITF and other International Committees. More than 6000 tennis coaches are using his theories on worldwide basis.

Also, he has worked with 5 National Tennis Federations as National Tennis Director and Chief Development Consultant: Argentina, Brazil, Australia, Mexico and New Zealand. He is GPTCA President for Argentina, Chile and Mexico, the oficial ATP body for the Certification of High Performance Coaches and is a member of the scientific and management board of three different organizations worldwide.