TennisFuture 2021 - A Charitable Event

TennisFuture 2021 will help several NGOs involved with issues which are related and are of extreme importance for the entire humanity and the tennis industry. A donation will be made to the below mentioned foundations in order to help solve some of these issues which are part of the challenges that TennisFuture 2021 will analyze and try to offer solutions.

Emilio Sánchez Vicario Foundation

In 2010, Spanish Tennis star Emilio Sánchez Vicario decided to start his own Foundation, with the mission of promoting personal development and social integration through Sports and Education. "I would like to give back to tennis and to different needy sectors of society the possibility that through the foundation they can improve their way of life, with the values of sport and training," says Emilio.

TennisAid is a non-profit charitable organization created in 2014 by Abel Rincón-Martín Rocca to promote tennis around the world, especially in the most disadvantaged areas of the Planet. Also to offer sports equipment to coaches and give them technical assistance, as well as for providing adequate equipment to low-income players and encourage the inclusion of people with different disabilities in sport.