DÍA 1: 


Day 1 of Tennis Future 2020 will be dedicated to analyzing the most important challenges which are affecting the tennis industry worldwide, including the Covid-19, the economic recession, the decreasing number of spectators and people playing tennis, the climate crisis, etc. However, the spirit of the conference is to provide a positive analysis of the situation offering solutions, innovation and inspiration. 

DÍA 2: 


Day 2 of Tennis Future 2020 will focus on which are the most innovative solutions and strategies that the industry can and should implement in order to overcome the challenges it is facing. These solutions must target the younger generations who need to be approached via social media and digital marketing. Also, this day will feature panels and speakers who will touch on how to improve the professional conditions of coaches and players, making clubs and small tournament more successful and profitable.

DÍA 3: 


Day 3 of Tennis Future 2020 will be open not only to professionals and people working in the industry but to parents, amateur players and simple enthusiasts who love tennis. Topics such as the importance of school and university as part of a young player formation will be analyzed. It will also feature sports celebrities and leaders from others sports who will show strategies that tennis could implement. We are inviting music and movie celebrities, who love to watch and play tennis, to provide their view and inspire the spectators.